April 30, 2007

Sunshine Shimmer

sunshine shimmer socks
The Shimmer Socks for Socktopia in April are done. Just in time, on the last day before May.

stitch detail
I really like this stitch pattern, and I've been getting some very nice comments on them while knitting them too.

I have no idea what yarn it is. I found it in my Grans yarn chest, it's probably 30 years old, and a nice wool blend. It was a kind of bland and boring light peachy colour. I had fun dyeing it with some pineapple KoolAid and the result was just perfect for this pattern and the Socktopia theme "Sunshine on my shoulders". The peachy colour is nearly the same colour as my skin (in winter) and the pineapple is a lovely sunny colour. (The resemblance to my skin colour can be seen well where the bind off and my legs match so nicely in the top picture.)

Since I'm no contortionist I will not give you a photo of me with my feet on my shoulders. I do however have this:

Sunshine shimmer socks
The colour is a bit off in this picture. You do, however, see that the nature of the stitch pattern used in these socks bias a lot. About 1/4 of a round on the leg. It does not matter in socks, and I think it even adds something good to these socks.

I have by no means been faithful to my sock knitting this month. I've made a Shedir beanie for hubby, and a pair of Denim drawstring pants for a friend who's having a boy in June.
The Shedir will have it's own post when I manage to talk Petter into a wearing the hat for a photo shoot outside in the nice and sunny spring weather. The pants have had an airing in my favourite tree at the moment. Wonder what I'll hang in that tree in August when the wild cherries are ripe. A woolen sweater maybe?

drawstring close-up

denim drawstring baby jeans

It's the 3-6 months size. I was able to make it with just 3 balls of Rowan Denim bougth for the project and then some leftovers I had for another pair I made was used for the last 6 rows of of the lining. So now I have a single ball of Rowan Denim. Anyone have any project suggestions?

Also, I started them Thursday and finished yesterday. I like it when things are finished fast:)


pixieriot said...

The socks are so sunny, they make me feel warm just looking at them! And for some reason, I LOVE the image of the pants hanging in the tree. You should make a pair to just leave out there all the time. ;-)

Bezzie said...

Love those socks!
For a second I thought you knit drawstring maternity pants (yikes!) Once I realized they weren't as big as I thought they were, they are very cute!! (For a baby!)

reluctantMANGO said...

I love those springtime socks! I'm a sandals girl as soon as it hits 50, so I don't often wear socks these days... it's really cut into my Socktopia drive!

Rowan 41 has a great idea for a single ball of Denim... cut off a long denim skirt (or use one that's already short) and knit a lacey hem for it! It looks really cute.

Zuma said...

Very sunny! Very pretty!

Anne Tone said...

Fiiine denim jeansene til Eirik. Den har vært flittig brukt. Faktisk senest i barnahagen rett før jul. Da var Eirik, øh.. la meg se... 18 mnd. Og du hadde strikket i str 6-9 mnd? Det fantastiske med denne buksa var at den er elastisk og varer over flere størrelser, men fast nok i garnet til at den har sett like bra ut både da Eirik var 8 mnd som 18 mnd! Og beina er det jo bare å brette opp. Jeg tenkte jeg skulle telle masker en dag og strikke en kopi. Og nå har jeg jo lært at jeg ikke skal felle av, men legge til LEGGE TIL masker når jeg skal slå beina sammen.