April 07, 2007

Happy easter!

I have special easter socks!


I knit them last year. They were finished just before easter. The colours are very appropriate for this holiday I think. I don't wear them much at other times of the year.

I'm also working on the April Socktopia socks. "Sunshine on my shoulders" theme.

Sunshine shimmer

We're spending easter at home this year. Just relaxing (knitting for me) and doing a bit of gardening. We took a walk in the woods yesterday. Marie is very happy that spring means no need for wool hats, cotton is great!


That's Lacecap from Knitty. She loves it. Hubby asked me yesterday if I could knit him one too. I'll gladly knit him a beanie, but maybe not from this pattern. I'll dig up a lace free pattern.


Elizabeth said...

What a great little hat. Your daughter is such a cutie.

reluctantMANGO said...

I'm loving those springy socks! Life has gotten in the way of my Socktopia knitting - I missed out on March - but I do have a pair OTN for April!

Me said...

(same here, Marie is sooo cute...)

thanks for answering my question on the socks!

and thanks for the compliment on my Phildar sweater (the stitch pattern is quite similar to the socks, by the way!)