March 11, 2007

This is a very pink post

If you dislike pink, please stop reading.

Remember this post, with all the WIPs? I have finished two things from that post in addition to the sock that has been frogged and re-started.

First, a pair of VERY PINK MITTENS.

The reason these have taken so long to complete is that I really detest this neon pink colour. It hurts my eyes to knit with this colour even more than knitting with black. I completed the pair in november, only to realise I made a big mistake (forgot to increase after the ribbing) and had to rip half a mitten. I was so bummed about this it has taken me three months to get over it apparently.

But this:
Cable close up
is the first cable I ever made! I'm kind of proud of it...

I've also completed this cardigan and burp cloth for my cousins baby. I'm not 100% happy with it, as I don't like this very pale pink colour very much, and the yarn turned a bit "hard" after wahsing.

I really do like pink alot, just not knitting with neon pink, and not pale grayish pastel pink. Anything inbetween is ok!

Now, off to work on more old WIPs!


DeltaDawn said...

That's some pink! I did a Hallowig in something very similar - hurt my eyes too! Butyour cable is especailly lovely - good job!

MayaB said...

Veldig rosa, og veldig flotte! Bra jobba. Det er første gang jeg er innom bloggen din, og det blir nok ikke den siste for dette var en fin fin blogg.
Hei så lenge.

Laura said...

Who wouldn't love pink? Pink cables even! And pink Lace!

The mitts and the baby set are well knit. I'm sorry that you don't like the colors. Could you possibly over-dye the baby set?

reluctantMANGO said...

Whoo! That is a bright pair of mittens... all the better to see your fantastic cable! It's one of my favorite techniques, and one I never tire of :)

The baby sweater is adorable! I have knit that pattern before, and the lace section never seems to be as defined as yours is - it looks great!

Elizabeth said...

Both wonderful FOs! My 96 yr old granmother loves hot pink. The hotter the better. I always think of her when I see that color.

But now, don't you feel so much more virtuous??? YOu could cast on for something new guilt-free!

Batty said...

Wow, that's seriously pink! I love them, down to their bright, eye-searing color!

turtlegirl76 said...

They're both wonderful! I hear ya on the colors though. I have some Cascade Bollicine and Lion Cotton-ease in that bright pink color and sometimes I wonder what possessed me. The little baby cardi is so freakin' cute though! The color is perfect for a little one!

Catherine said...

I love the cardigan, too cute!

pixie knits! said...

I love your mittens! That's my favourite colour... even my HAIR is that colour. No, seriously. ;-)