March 01, 2007

I feel so lucky!

I'm a bit short for words... I'll let the pictures speak first




These socks are so awsome! I really love them. I'm actually wearing them as I type this...
The communication between me and reluctantMANGO has been good throughout the entire period of the swap. She seems like such an awsome, warm, kind and funny person. Then I read her latest blogpost and I must admit, my eyes got a bit watery... Such well written kind words!

And she did not just send me these socks from heaven, she also sent me this:


I think you need a closer look at that. At least I do!


I can assure you reMango, we will keep in touch! I'm absolutely sure of it!

And last, but absolutely not least, what was supposed to be a swap for one Interweave Knits mag turned out to be this

Blue Pen. swap

As you can all see, that is not just one magazine. Thank you ever so much Blue Peninsula.

The kindness of knitters (and strangers), never seaces to amaze me.


reluctantMANGO said...

WOO! They made it! I'm so glad you like them, and that they fit so well! I'm spending the day today recovering from minor surgery (no worries, all is well), and I'm all cozy in the socks you made for me :) They're so cheerful that I can't help but feel better! Thanks again.

Batty said...

Those socks are absolutely beautiful, and they fit you like a dream!