March 18, 2007

Frogging and Fetching

Mason-Dixon kimono -> -> CIMG2446
Not much to say about this. Running out of yarn, to thick fabric for a baby, back neckline too low, bleh!

There is however a little bit more to say about this!



Just look at that... I'm amazed at the difference the choice of yarn makes to a knitted item.
Those two pairs* of Fetching are knit following the pattern to a tee, using the same needles and took the same time to finish. The only difference is the yarn I chose. The colorful ones are knit with Taos by Chrystal Palace and the black ones are knit with one strand Chiri and one strand Inca, both alpaca yarns by norwegian manufacturer Rauma.

I love both pairs in their own special way, and I'm now sending them off to two ladies I cherish with all of my heart: two of my my childhood and teens best friends. Growing up together, sharing so much, and yet growing into two so very different women. I chose the yarn to go with their person. Amazing isn't it???

(* - yes, they are pairs. I just could not figure out a way to take nice pictures by myself showing me wearing both. Suggestions are welcome!)


reluctantMANGO said...

They're lovely! Lucky friends you have :)

My camera comes with a timer function for taking group photos and such... I find it works well for taking FO photos that require both hands (DH is a terrible photographer).

Libi said...

Grow another arm? (sorry, it's late and my brain works funny when it's late)

Batty said...

Wow, those look totally different! Beautiful, but completely different.

pixie knits! said...

Oh my goodness, both are BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love with the colour in the first, however. Great job!