March 31, 2007

Insert big smile here


I got a new great package from my Knittyboard Secret Pal.

Want to see what was inside? So much yummy stuff, both knit wise and gourmet wise...

SP package
(click to go to flickr and see the notes if you're curious about the yarn)

The falling leaves socks from my previous post are not going to be finished by today, so I will not be able to enter them into Socktopia in the "It aint easy being green" theme. The baby cardigan has been sucking up a lot of my knitting time, but I don't think I would have been able to finish the pair of socks if I had been faithful to that project anyway. 2mm needles and lace just makes sock knitting slower than I remembered. I have turned the heel though, and hope to finish the socks during easter. My SIL is waiting to receive them so she can get a couple of chances to wear them before summer.

I wound some yarn yesterday. I have some pale pink/peach unknown sockweight yarn (wool blend?) that I found in grannys yarn chest long ago. I dyed it with pineapple KoolAid last summer and have been waiting for the right pattern for it. It's going to be Shimmer Socks for "Sunshine on my shoulders"-socks for April Socktopia submission. And I think I will just do that one pair. I tried to go for three pairs now in March and that did not work out.


Batty said...

That's a fabulous package! I particularly like the two peach-y, green-y skeins to the right. And nougat...

Don't forget to wash your hands after you eat it, the stuff leaves horrible stains all over.

Jenn said...

What a great SP package. Lovely yarn and fun goodies!!

carrieknits said...

Your SP sure must like you a lot :) That's a great package :) Love the yarns!!