February 21, 2007

What's going on?

I'm trying to motivate myself to finish all the wips strewn around my house. I thought if I put them all out there for people to see, that's going to be a big enough kick in the butt for me.

(If you want more details than just the picture offers, click and see)

february socktopia wip Little arrowhead shawl Old world bootee Baby cardigan Mason-Dixon kimono February cardigan ruffle scarf Neon mittens

Also I need another pair of mittens, and I'm going to make my mom a scarf.
At the moment I've come this far on those two items:

Dream in colour yarn to be scarf for mom


Elizabeth said...

Some of those are so close to the finish line, they barely still count as WIPs. Right? Like the February Cardigan. And the bright pink mittens. Put a little time into those two in the next couple days and you'll feel so virtuous, you'll cast on a few more just because.

Batty said...

They're all very pretty. Now get to it! They'll be even prettier when you're done with them, you'll see!

reluctantMANGO said...

OMG I got your package today, and I LOVE the socks!! Thank you so much for the pressies too, you're so sweet to send baby yarn! I'm thinking I should do a Norwegian baby sweater with the read and white, it would be fitting, no? The little sheep ornament is so cute too, I'm going to hang it on the door to my sewing room, so the bell rings whenever I go in or out. I'll be posting about my goodies this week, but wanted to thank you first!!!

reluctantMANGO said...
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