February 16, 2007

A very "not-pink" blanket

When some friends of mine found out they were having a girl they announced at the same time "No pink, please!". I understood that very well, they are not the pink kind of people, not the traditional pale pastel baby pink anyway. So I made this blanket for them. It was finished on Valentines day, and the baby was born the day after.




I got the inspiration for this from Cara at January One. I loved her idea for her blanket so much I just plain copied it pretty much down to yarn and colour choice, they are a bit different.

The yarn used is Rauma Finull. After I decided I was done knitting I put the blanket inside a zippered duvet cover and felted it slightly in my washing machine (normal detergent and cycle, medium temperature). I think that is what makes the blanket such a good blanket. Soft, warm, sturdy, machine-washable.

I hope little Henriette is going to love this blanket for years to come.

(I bought her a yellow onsie too, see; not pink!)


Cara said...

Oh my god that is GORGEOUS!!! What a lucky baby to have such a beautiful handknit! Thank you for sharing it with me.

earthchick said...

Oh wow! - I love it! Lucky baby, lucky parents.

bradyphrenia said...

that is a beautiful blanket! you did a wonderful job.

Batty said...

Gorgeous! It is very pink, but it's not cutesy, embarrassing baby pink. The shot of the whole blanket shows that it looks more like modern art and less like Barbie and fluffy bunnies.

Elizabeth said...

There's pink, and then, there's pink.

I'm sure the parents will love this, even though they aren't into the baby pink pastel stuff. This is so vibrant! And felting it is such a great idea!

maryannlucy said...

That is gorgeous, what fabulous colours

kemtee said...

Batty's right. That's not your typical "little girl pink" baby blanket. The geometric feeling and the perfect play of the shading gives it a total modern art feel. Ya done good.

LaDonna said...

I love Cara's random blanket too. If I ever knit another, it'll be random. I can only hope mine turns out as gorgeous as yours!!