February 19, 2007

Introducing Nanny Ogg to the blog

distaff hole fromtop
spokes wheel

She's an old lady, has quite the will of her own, but I love her dearly for a lot of reasons.

This wheel was given to me by my godmother/paternal grandmother when I was about 14. She also taught me the basics of spinning, but I have forgotten it completely I'm afraid. The wheel was given to my gran by a fiance (or one wanting to become one) she once had. My grandad did not like seing it that much, so it was stashed away in the basement for ages (their entire marriage?), she had another wheel she used. A good guesstimate says she is about 65-70 years old.

I've signed up for spinning classes, starting at the end of this month. I'm very much looking forward to it, but I'm a bit unsure of how "Nanny Ogg" likes travelling with public transport. I've bought new carders a while a go too, my old ones added woody bits instead of carding them out of the wool.

I'm just rows (and a little bit of weaving and seaming and buttons) away from being done with the February baby cardigan from E.Z.'s Knitters Almanac. I hope to have pictures of that soon.

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String Bean said...

You're a Nanny Ogg fan, too? How does she sing? Anything about hedgehogs in there? :D