February 07, 2007

Otis is done!

Finally, I decided Otis was finished yesterday. I sewed in the ties, then took them off again and decided that was the way it was supposed to be.

Open front of Otis I prefer it like this

Closed front of Otis Or like this

Back of Otis Obligatory back shot

The pattern is Otis from Knitty, the yarn is Vamsegarn.

I've made a few changes to the pattern, but not many and no hard ones. The sleeves are longer, and the body is also lengthened with just over an inch. I've also run a piece of yarn through the seed stitch border in the back, because there was some very unflattering puckering going on. A tighter cast on would have been better, but a piece of yarn was better than to re-knit the entire back.

I'm quite pleased with this. It's my first grown up sweater. Washing and blocking has taken great care of the roughness of the yarn. I won't be afraid to use this for sweaters any more. I've been on look out for a yarn to use instead of Cascade 220, because I can't get that here, I think I've found it now. I've used this yarn many times before, but only for felted items.

The photos for this were originally supposed to be outdoors winter photos, because Otis is definately warm enough to be standing outside in. But then hubby could not find his photo skills anywhere, and I had to make do with the batroom and the self-timer on the camera. Sorry!

Now, I'm off to start my February Socktopia socks.


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Elizabeth said...

Wonderful. Just in time to wear out for your birthday. I like how you said he couldn't find his photo skills. I hope they turn up soon. It comes in handy.

kemtee said...

It looks warm and cozy. You do such nice work.