December 23, 2006

We all love it!

Red light special in blue
The blue light special I knit for my brother is done. He really likes it, and the colours suit him wery well too.

The insides of the hat. The floats look a bit long, but they are just right when the hat is worn.

See how happy he is with his new hat, I got a bit hug for it and all:)
(This photo is taken by DD, 4 yrs old. )

For those wondering:
  • pattern: Red light special by brooklyntweed.
  • yarn: Falk by Dale yarns. I used up nearly the whole ball of the main colour, the others have plenty left over. For the lining I used Cotton Sport by Gjesdal, 3/4 of a ball.
  • Needles: 2,5mm addi turbos for the lining, 3,5mm Inox bamboo dpn's.
  • Time to knit it: about 4 evenings, the lining took one evening of knitting alone.
  • Yes, I'll gladly knit this hat again!


Elizabeth said...

Great job on the hat!

the kitchener bitch said...

a beautiful hat! It's really fun - nice knitting!

bradyphrenia said...

it looks great! beautiful colors.

Momma Monkey said...

Oh, DH is so handsomy !!

And um, yeah, nice hat ;)