December 03, 2006

Mason-Dixon things

I've been doing some knitting from the Mason-Dixon book.


A heartbreakingly cute baby kimono. I really like this pattern! Quick and simple enough that you can adjust the pattern to your own liking. I'm thinking crystal Palace's new Bunny Hop yarn and seed stitch for the next one I'm making.


And sure, I made a Ballband dishcloth too. How could I not?

Working on projects from this book has also made me pick up an oldish WIP too. I'm nearly half done with a log cabin blanket. Very pink, very easy TV-knitting. Very lovely. Must be done by March!


Theresa said...

Oooh, what a cute baby kimono!! And what yarn did you use for the warshrag?

And will I see you on Thursday?

Carrie said...

Love the baby kimono, I think it would look great in seed stitch too! The colors of the washrag are great.

icy sp said...

That is one very cute kimono. And it looks like a fast knit too.

Your package will be posted this week, just watch your mailbox!

Have a nice week,

your icy SP

Bezzie said...

very nice! The more I see the things from that book the more I think I ought to get it!
Thanks for showing the front and back of the washrag--I've always wondered if the back looked the same as the front!