December 15, 2006

Blue light

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Two posts in one day. The nearing Christmas combined with absolute lack of proper preparations must be driving me crazy.

I'm knitting this hat for my brother, for his birthday. His birthday was in July *sigh*. It's a free pattern by the now somewhat famous Jared of the Brooklyntweed blog. I very much understand his popularity; his pictures are awsome and his knits are very inspiering. This pattern is really good! Judging from the state the hat is in now, I'll probably make more of these. But I dare not say anyting for certaing until it's finished
Anyway, this hat is for my brother. Good thing I have finally started it, because he called today to inform me that he's coming to visit us on monday. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish it by then, if life does not get in the way.
(Brother initially wanted a newsboy cap in camouflage green, but I never found the correct yarn for the pattern I have. This will suit him better I think, the gray goes with his winter coat and the blue with a scarf I've knit for him earlier.)

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Batty said...

That is so pretty! Wow!