December 28, 2006

He said I could do it...

Originally uploaded by G_u_r_o.

I started these socks 23 Dec, having an on and off for a few weeks project in mind. At a family party 25 Dec hubby told the recipient, his brother, that they would surely be ready for New Years Eve. Well, I just had to put other knits to the side and concentrate on these... And they are done now, with plenty of time to spare. Hubby was right:) I managed to fit in quite a lot of knitting inbetween all the Christmas eating and festivities.
I have not woven in the ends on the toes, as I'm not 100% sure they are big enough. I have a fair bit of yarn left, so I can easily undo the toe and make the foot longer. I'm even thinking of picking up stitches from the cast on edge and do a few more rounds of ribbing. I think BIL once mentioned he likes his socks long.

I really like these socks, although the stripes don't match up as well as I'd hoped. Apparently, no one notices but me.


bradyphrenia said...

i really like those rustic colors. very nice pair of socks!

Zonda said...

Nice work there! Hoping you don't have to knit more! :)