October 01, 2008

Curiosity killed the ca... yarn?

This summer I got a Knit Picks Sock Blank in a swap on Ravelry. Monday I got this sudden urge to dye it right now!

I soaked the blank in water for about 10 minutes while I dug through my yarn chest for my KoolAid. I added Cherry KA to one small pot and Blue Berries KA to another. Then I gently squeezed water from the blank, folded it twice and tied it all off on the middle with some string. All this happened quick and with a minimum of thinking behind it. I just wanted to see the pretty colours on my yarn. I dunked and swished one half of the Blanks-bundle in the blue KA while gently heating the water close to boiling temperature, then when the water was clear I turned the yarn over and repeated with the red (holding the hot blue part in a plastic bag and barbecue mitten, not easy.) Then I hung the whole thing to dry. Today when I got home from work it was finally dry.

Red'n'blue Red'n'blue
Red'n'blue Red'n'blue
(click to see big)

Conclusion? I need to plan these things better and make myself take more time. It's not half bad though, considering the KoolAid did not penetrate the yarn completely in a lot of places. At least I did not get a lot of red penetrating the blue and making "ick" on my yarn. (You'd think it would make purple. It doesn't.)

I'll have to knit this up soon. I'm very courious about what kind of socks this will make too... I will not be able to decide if I love or hate it until I see it knit up I think.


Elizabeth said...

I bet it'll be fun knit up!

Bezzie said...

And it will probably smelly fruitilicious!

knitxx0r said...

Curious! That looks like it would be a lot of fun. But, can you believe poeple actually drink that stuff?!

turvid said...

Det ser jo fint ut da. Blir spennende å se hvordan sokkene blir.

Artsygal said...

I love working with blanks! They're loads of fun. And loads of work too, but the results are worth it for sure!