September 29, 2008

No way is this attractive, charming, bewitching and enchanting!

The bad!
(Be glad this is a small picture or you'd probably faint. Click to embiggen if you dare...)

The GGH people describe this yarn as "An abundance of color
A yarn like a gigolo: attractive, charming, bewitching and enchanting".
I've knit up a whole ball of it and I'd say it's abrasive, chafing, banned (from my stash) and extra-ugly.

50 grams 80 meters, yet I thought it would never end... It's the strangest thing I've ever knit with. Though it's a tape yarn with no apparent loose bits it was for some reason beyond my imagination splitty. The texture is very similar to a pot scrubber or exfoliating glove. My index finger is very smooth today after having 80 metres of Gigolo passed over it last night. The colours are bad and the black and glitter make it worse. It's also in some very weird way very stretchy. I don't know where that comes from at all. (If you click that yarn link up there you'll see it lookded oddly pretty in the ball, wich by the way was a total cheat since the core is a bigass cardboard roll.)

My stash is very relieved to be rid of this abomination. That patch of horridness will become "knit in art form" through By:Garn. It will probably survive anything and everything except sissors.

How I came to knit this up? Theresa found it rummageing through my stash yesterday and we got to talking about the kitches and nasties that can fester in a girls stash. We wondered at great lenght about who could possibly be buying these kinds of things. What kind of knitter would actually use this. I have a hunch it's the same people who wear gold lamè blouses...

It'll be a long time before I say a bad word about yarn ever again. Few things can compare tho the nastiness of this.

(My first yarn review on this blog I think. What do you think? I should lighten up a bit for the next one maybe? Gimme some wool!)


Bonnie said...

Great review! More please!

Sounds like the yarn Gigolo is just like the real thing - attractive at first glance, but in the end not worth the trouble. :-)

Siena Knit said...

Oh my God - ugliest yarn ever! Pretty creative of you to find a way to use such a beast...

Bezzie said...

Why on earth would they even call it that? That's like calling a yarn "Diseased Hooker" or "Dirty Whore". How are gigolos entrancing??? YOu see a gigolo on a street corner and you cross the street! Which sounds about right if this yarn is like you say! Hee hee!

Elite said...

Dette resultatet må sees!