September 22, 2008

Heading into fall

Grape harvest mittens

My grapes are almost ripe and my "Grape harvest mittens" are 50% done. Grape harvest time is shortly after the first frost night. Might not be all that long until that happens. Luckily, the second mitten will be done in "no time"

I'm getting ready for colder weather in more than one way.

funfur, eek

Very warm funfur and wool hat for M. Just missing the liner and bunny ears!

Snowdrift wip

More mittens for me. Snowdrift mittens, stranded knitting in very old and dry Rauma Finull. I do hope it evens out and softens up after a good wash. This is definately the scratchiest Finull I've touched to this date. It's wool my aunt has stored in her attic for years.

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