September 24, 2008

Yay for yarn

I went to one of my LYSes for their first S'n'B today.

Not the biggest attendance, but that meant more yarn to fondle for those of us that showed up.

Sneaky-looking LYSgirl

LYS girl and Hespetre's sister unpacking her new shipment of Rowan yarns. Looking very happy sneaky indeed.

Newly stacked yarn


I came home with 7 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed in a pretty blue colour and 4 balls of Rowan Cocoon in a yummy gray, all at a very friendly 30% discount. I have plans for both and will most likely cast on sooner than I should.
(The way to never finish anything: keep casting on stuff like there is no tomorrow)

Hope to see more people there next time Sømsenteret has a knit night!


Anonymous said...

I would definetely fondle al that least it's not illegal in a store!

Strikkelise said...

Åhh sukk...

Merete said...

30% ? Da begynner det å bli en grei pris! :) Har 4 nøster Rowan tweed som venter på meg, ryktene sier det er superdeilig og jeg gleder meg!

Ser ut som det var hyggelig, om dere bare var noen få.

HanneJ said...

Jeg elsker Felted Tweed! Og jeg får lyst å gråte.. Hadde vært greit med en tur innom sømsenteret nå, ja.