January 15, 2008

I am a knitter with only one hat!

One measly hat, that's all I have. I did not even knit it myself. My mom gave it to me four years ago. It is handknit, alpaca and in a nice seafoam lace pattern. I'm wearing it in my previous post. It's ok when it's just been washed. But the unsproingy alpaca gets "blocked" by my head and it's too big for me most of the time.

The last thing I did before I left work before the x-mas holiday was to forget to take my hat with me. I knit 3 hats during the holiday, but did not end up keeping any of them. I absolutely want, and need, a new hat! I've got yarn for two hats for me.
One cashmere, wool and silk (also I've got yarn for mathcing gloves and a scarf for it). However, I'm "designing" this hat myself and even though the design is very clear in my head I'm having problems actually executing it. The yarn is navy blue, would look great with my winter jacket. I need new buttons for that (lost one smack dab in the middle) and it's getting terribly worn too!
Hat two; I bought some Dale Falk yarn on a clearance sale a while ago ("some" - two bags full). Four skeing were picked spesifically with a Red light special for me in mind.
Falk4018Falk 4227Falk4137 Falk 0007

Then I found the Inga pattern on Ravelry. That thing really calls to me!
Nagano 330Falk 0020
Instead of the braid, I want a liner like in brooklyntweeds hat. I want to use up the leftover from my Tuscany. Handspun, pink silk liner, makes me happy just thinking about it!

Before I get to start any of the hats I need to finish some stuff. I currently have 9 WIPs on the needles.
Little arrowhead shawl
Green Tea Raglan
Twinkle toes
Breeze ankle socks
Redgreen socks
Madder ribbed socks
Falling Leave socks
Bunad stockings
(not really on needles but swatched and must be done by May. Communion gift for niece!)

Before I can start a hat I must finish Tuscany. I can't start using Tuscany's leftover yarn before actually finishing Tuscany, can I? And when I'm done with all the WIPs listed above, I've promised myself I can start a sweater or cardigan for myself. Something great and challenging or simply just luxurious or gorgeous. Definately a price. Must knit faster!

New years resolutions for 2008:
-Grow an extra pair of arms
-Learn to knit in my sleep

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Batty said...

I love Inga. Bookmarked it and will have to knit ASAP.