January 13, 2008

2008 firsts

First ski trip of 2008 today. I have the most awsome skistockings/kneehighs in my neck of the wood. I am absolutely sure of that!


Not only are they gorgeous, but they are the perfect thickness to fit into my ski boots too. But I'm careful when wearing them, I don't want them to get ruined or worn out fast. So they are kept safe like this:


There is probably a good english word for "gamasjer", but neither I nor dictionary.com seem to know what it is.

(ETA: Strikkelise informed me in the comments that the proper english word I'm looking for is gaiters...)

The socks are knit for me in a Knittyboard sock swap by Susan. A full wiew of the awsomeness of this sock can be seen here or here (Ravelry). I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to show off these socks for months now!

The second first in this post...
The first finished knitted object of 2008!
And it's not a sock, hat or other accessorie or baby knit. It's a whole garment for a large(ish) person!

Pink tunik/vestPink tunik/vest
Pink tunik/vest

I loved knitting it and both Marie and I love the result!

(Ravelry link)


Strikkelise said...

Great ski socks! (The word for long gamasjer is gaiters.)
Cute dress, too, huge garment, yes!

We didn't go skiing today, but we enjoyed the snow, too.

Elizabeth said...

Your daughter is just so darn cute! And her dress is adorable!

LadyLungDoc said...

Those are awesome socks!