January 27, 2008

Goodness, gracious...

My 100th post!!!

Let's celebrate with a picture of a really nice pair of socks.

Redgreen socks

Another pair of Little Child's socks by Nancy bush. I'm really loving my Vintage Socks book. (Sometimes I want to knit every pattern in there.)

It's a good thing I have the chance to show something nice and colourful here because the two things I'm spending most of my knitting time with at the moment are both black. A black Koolhaas hat for my dad, made with Rowan Calmer and bunad stockings in black Dale Baby ull. Both requite a great deal of conscentration. It's either tricky, bouncy, twisted Calmer stitches or tiny needles and microscopic (really) charts these days. When I'm too tired to try to pay enough attention to what I'm doing I pick up Tuscany or another pair of Bush socks that I'm working on. For once I'm glad I have multiple projects on the needles. And I'm still dreaming of the blanket from my previous post;)


Bonnie said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

Those socks are beautiful--but please, put some shoes on! You'll catch your death of cold. :-)

Elizabeth said...

What wonderfully cheerful socks! They will combat the winter doldrums, for certain.

Batty said...

Beautiful socks! Now get thee inside and soak your feet in hot water before you get frostbite on your poor little toes!

artinreality said...

Congratulations! A big accomplishment with 100 posts, and those socks - they are great!