December 04, 2007

Winter wonder land

Some people* are under the impression that Norway is a winter wonder land, and as soon as you get close to December the whole country will be covered in snow. You'd expect nothing less from the nice little spot on this planet where Santa has chosen to live, would you?

Well, here's proof of the contrary. Picture taken December 2nd on a hike in woods where I live, testing out wether "My so called scarf"'s is good for hiking.

My so called scarf

See that? Pretty christmas trees in the wild, but no snow!

The scarf... It's been my out of the house-project for quite some time. I started it back in October. Overall, it's a good scarf, though a bit short.
The main purpose of this projeck: Knit up the two pretty balls of Rowan Tapestry that I had in the stash, to see what it looks and feels like knit up and how it wears. Because I thought I wanted a larger garment in this yarn and wanted to test knit something small first. Well, I don't really plan on knitting with Tapestry again any time soon. Though it is a wool and soybean yarn, feels more like a mohair blend. Hairy and tangle prone (I had yarn barf that stuck on itself). It also has a dry feel to it. It's hard to describe but if you have some Tapestry handy try holding it up to your ear and give it a gentle squeeze... Hear** that "dry" sound? I don't like that at all! I can kind of hear it with my hands when I knit too. So there will not be a pretty vest, bolero or sweater out of Tapestry for me, no way!

I've been writing a bit about when hubby is taking pictures of me and my knitwear. I can not for the life of me understand how other bloggers get their partners to take such pretty pictures. Here's the best picture out of the first 8 he took when I told him to focus on the scarf, not me.

My so called scarf
Not my best piranha impression, I can do so much better!

* kids under the age of 5, and people who have never been here.
**Am I the only one who listen to yarn this way? I do it every time I meet a new yarn, straight after I've sniffed it.


Stariel said...

Funny, when I was in Norway it snowed in October and stayed through March! At least, I hear it was March, I was gone by then.

Robin said...
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Robin said...

I don't listen to yarn-- it just tells too many lies.

We just got out first snow here last night. My daughter is very happy to wear snow boots on her walk to school this morning. :)

Elizabeth said...

Here in Wisconsin USA we have about 8 inches/20 cm. of fluffy new snow sitting on top of 4 inches of hard-as-rock ice/snow. Go figure.

I used Tapestry for a scarf and didn't mind it, but didn't love it enough to shell out that kind of money again. Your scarf looks nice: I hope the dry noise in your ears won't bother you too much in the finished object.

Bezzie said...

Ho ho! I have to protest--I've been to North Pole, AK and I think old Santa would like it there too. ;-)

But when Dr. MS was looking for jobs, Norway had a lot of labs that would have fit--and I found a large contingency of Norway ex-pats living in AK because it was so similar!

Crunchy yarn? I'm a sniffer.

Probably Jane said...

Good idea - listening to yarn - I know just what you mean about the dry squeak - I had the same feeling from some Lana Grossa Pro Natura sock yarn - and I so wanted to love it!

My five year old niece is a great yarn sniffer too - she buries her head in my wooliest jumpers and says 'Aunty, why do you smell so lovely?' It's pure sheep!