December 19, 2007

Matchey matchey

Fancy huh, when the scarf and glasses match? I did not realice until I put both on this morning.

Huckleberry ascot

Huckleberry Ascot from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007.
Alpaca softness, silk strength and bobble crazy. And classy! I like it:)


Valerie said...

It's gorgeous!

Did you hear the story of the lawyer on the other side of our case wearing a turquoise suit with matching glasses?

Bezzie said...

I like it! I need to knit something like that.

NOw I want to hear Val's story!

Guro said...

Ikke bare heter vi det samme og elsker å strikke, men vi har nesten like briller også. *sjokkert*

Elizabeth said...

Very nice! It is a truly elegant little project.