December 16, 2007

Can I have 48 hours in a day, please?

I don't do holiday knitting. I hate to knit stuff on a deadline that is as fixed as Dec. 24th.
Even though I feel this way I said I would knit two pairs of kids socks and mail them across the country in time for Christmas, so my cousin could give them as gifts for two little girls she knows. Norwegian Mail says send all your holiday mail by Dec. 16th. That is TODAY and they are closed on Sundays. I still have not completed the socks. One is near the toe and one is not even ready to get it's heel tuned. I had this silly thought that kids socks were fast... I wish there was a way to peel potatoes and do dishes while knitting. I have not done anything but knit AND RIP this whole weekend.
Who needs sleep? Eeeek!

(Sillier: I even thought I'd have time to knit and felt three Schmeebot rabbits and toss in the same package too. Who am I kidding?)


Strikkelise said...

stakkars deg. send dem et kort med bilde av det du har tenkt å lage.

Elizabeth said...

Phone your cousin (or email) and tell her she better start some late shopping. Don't torture yourself any longer!

Jeanne said...

Please let me know if you find those 48-hour days anywhere. I will pay dollars or kroner.