October 02, 2007


I left work a bit early today. I wanted to go to one of my LYSes to get some Noro Silk Garden (or Kureyon) to make a Noro Striped Scarf (you know, Brooklyntweed-style). When I got to the yarn shop there was no wool Noro to be found in the shelves, just that weird papery yarn I can never remember the name of, and one lonely hank of Blossom. I asked the LYS lady if she had stopped taking in more Noro, with great disappointment in my voice. She told me she really wanted more of the stuff, but the Noro people had not answered any of her e-mails since May. I really, really hope she can get more eventually. I have the hardest time picking colours of Noro if I have to order online!

So, I went home and mowed the lawn, probably for the last time this season. Then I spent 2 hours stuffing twigs down our chipper. I cut down some bushes on Sunday, they were getting in the way of my lilies this summer. In the end I planted some bulbs, I love that. Getting the garden ready for autumn, and for spring.

I'm leaving Oslo tomorrow afternoon to join Petter and Marie at the inlaws cabin in in Trysil, very close to the swedish border. I'm looking forward to a few days off, in the peace and quiet of the deep pine forrests and the mountains. I'm hoping the weather will be as good as it was here today, but I'm not sure I'll have such luck. I'll be grateful for some real "Stay inside and knit"-weater too. I've packed my knitting already. There's yarn that I got today instead of the Noro (I went with Garnstudio Eskimo Print, but it's not really working out the way I hoped) and then there are a lot of oddballs and leftovers of sockyarn. I know a little guy who needs new sock for winter, desperately. He's grown completely out of his Dinosaur baby socks, and his mom has kindly requested I knit him some more. My mom even sent me some yarn she had left over from what she knit for him, so he can have matching socks and wooly pants. And last, but not least, knitting for the bus ride up there, a pair of socks for me. It's really just one sock left to knit, I've already started the toe decreases on the first one, and they'll be done and the toe kitchenered before I go to bed tonight.

One last thing:
I'm going to meet Amy Singer! I've signed up for one of the Tuscany Shawl classes she's holding here in October.

Or rather; YAY!!!!


Bezzie said...

I met Amy on her Big Girls tour--you'll have fun!

Kristen said...

I'm jealous! Yay, indeed!