October 15, 2007

I'm getting knitted

Finally, it's here! I ordered this yarn September 28th, on October 4th I got an e-mail saying it had shipped. Today, it arrived!

Get knitted yarn and needles

I've ordered two more sets of sock needles from Knitpicks too. I expect they'll be here sooner or later.

I've already cast on for socks with the tiger yarn. My cousin has asked me to knit socks for her guy for his birthday. I knit their son some tiny tiger socks back in May. Since then he has been completely facinated by the socks. Muttering "oh, if I could have tiger socks too" under his breath when he puts them on his son. So, he's getting tiger socks!

I've wanted to try the Trekking pro natura for a long time. Now I can, in a fabulous blue. I might want to do something besides socks with it.

Also, I ran to the grocery store to get potatoes and cinnamon on Saturday.
This followed me home!

Mor Aase

20 balls of Sandnes Mor Aase in a nice shade of charcoal gray. I might use it for some kind of E. Zimmermann sweater for hubby (if he wants one), or maybe a Hemlock Ring blanket.
It is so much cheaper to buy yarn at the grocery store than at a LYS. I paid 8 NKr a ball for that yarn ($1.49/£0.73/1.04euro). And it's good yarn too I think.

Mor Aase


Sue said...

Oh that made me smile, personally I could do with less rather than more!




Kelly said...

you can buy yarn at the grocery store??? hehehe How cool!

Kelly said...

you can buy yarn at the grocery store??? hehehe How cool!

Felisi said...

Der var du ja, har visst aldri vært innom her før... Morsomt med nye blogger, legger deg likegodt til i listen min jeg :o)

Håper strikketøymappen kommer til nytte!

Guro said...

Kelly: not normally, no. So when I had the chance I grabbed it! I'm going to have to talk to the store owner about colours though, the gray was the only nice one there!