October 11, 2007

Make due with what you've got

I was going to take some nice pictures of the baby socks and booties I knit last weekend. Only problem was finding a place to take some decent photos. The best of the outdoor pictures in the low afternoon sun was this.


I know it's not terrible, but I'm not happy with it either. And I know things will not get any better when winter comes and there are only a few hours of daylight most days. I've been wanting to build one of those DIY lightboxes for a while, but have not found a cardboard box big enough. Then, while I was rummageing through the various places I keep knitting supplies, looking for a spesific circular needle (no, I did not find it), it hit me. I CAN USE THIS!

THIS! Lightbox

Like this: Lightbox

So, here's booties and socks for you!

Saartjes booties
Saartjes booties in Regia 8-ply

Gray socks
Baby cable, Better than booties baby socks by Ann Budd
(ok, say that three times, fast...)
Lanett yarn

Brown booties
Baby booties on two needles, from Knitting on the Net. Regia 6-ply.
(converted to be knit in the round, so it's five needles after all)

It's a nice gift for a cute little baby boy I think!

Gift for Olav

And I managed to use up a bit of all my various leftover sock yarns.

And after that I took what had been in that newspaper basket and frogged it, because I did not like it at all!

Ugh shawl Ugh shawl Frogged


Bonnie said...

What a cool light box!

The booties and socks are a perfect gift for a baby boy.

Bezzie said...

Nice booties and cool box!

Elizabeth said...

Very resourceful! And wonderful booties!

reluctantMANGO said...

Necessity is the mother of invention indeed! Great idea for the light box :)

Adorable baby knits, as usual... I finaly pulled out my sock leftovers last night to start some booties for my little one. I followed a general pattern and can't believe how TINY the newborn size is!!!