October 13, 2009


Finally, something is finished, wearable and bloggable.

A few weeks ago I finished my modified Cloud Bolero. Started sometime last winter (can't exactly remember when) and put in the "naughty corner" for a very long time due to some serious issues whith the transition from body to sleeve. When I picked it back up in September the sleeves just flew off the needles. No problem at all, and I can't really remember what it was I got stuck on either.

Bloggable Cocoon mosaic

I was a bit worried that I would not have enough yarn to make it long enough. I used three balls first for the body, then knit the sleeves to desired length with the fourth and finally, with the remaining yarn I knit two more pattern repeats at the bottom and bound off. The possibility to do this, and try on as you go is my favourite thing about top-down patterns.

Once the knitting was done the vest(?) reached my waist. Once washed and blocked it had grewn lenghtwise to just below my butt. Great! It's a perfect fit. Only problem with this is that the button holes grew a bit too. I need to crochet them more snug I think.

The yarn, Rowan Cocoon was great to work with. An excellent candidate for wet splicing means less bulky ends to weave in and it's kitten soft and has great drape. Only downside to it is that it sheds. A lot! I know loosely spun singles do, but it seems like it's never going to end. I hope it does.

As I was wearing it for the first time P commented that it looked lovely. "When did you knit that?" I guess it's hard for him to keep track of months old works in progress. And it truly is lovely.


Guro said...

Good to see you knitting again!
It looks great, I love the color. :)

Bonnie said...

It came out beautifully. Just perfect!

Bezzie said...


And the proper reply to P is: "Oh this? I whipped this up yesterday." ;-)

Batty said...

That is gorgeous! The color looks beautiful on you, very soft and feminine.