October 21, 2009


Lately it has seemed like anything and everything I make is blue. Over the past coulpe of weeks I have seen that this is in fact not true. There is a great deal of black/white/gray going on too. And that feeling of never finishing stuff has gone away too.

Evidence 1: Mojo vest

This spring I gave my brother the promise of a vest for his birthday, and though I'm a little late delivering (his birthday is in July) I could finally present it to him this past weekend.


It fits him perfectly and he's very happy with it. He's even told me later that he receives a lot of "cred" for the vest. Wich I suppose is a good thing, and the correct lingo to use in hip musician circles.
I've named the vest "Mojo" because my brother really needs to get his mojo back. He's been unfortunate enough to breake his legs three times in less than a year (one car crash in Dec.-08, one fall accident in July and one bicycle accident in September). Absolutely not good for a guy who plays the drums for a living. He's doing amazingly well and is able to work almost full time. And he's been lucky enough that the two last breaks were in his left leg. He can work his music magic without that apparently.
Ravelry link to Mojo

Evidence 2: Big pom-pom hat

Instant hat craving gratification!

Knit with the left over yarn from the Mojo vest. During the last leg of the vest knitting I got a very strong hat knitting craving. This was just the remedy for it. An awsome pattern, though a little bit fiddly with two cable needles in use at once, I really loved this pattern. And the pom-pom is just so fun to make and wear.
Ravelry link to pom-pom hat

Evidence 3: Living room chairs / reading corner

Making this

Nearly stripped
(grandma and grandpas old chairs, where they used to read me stories as a child)

into this

Grandmas old chairs - finally finished

It's taken me about 1.5 years, and I've had the chairs for 5 years but they're finally all done. Except a little bit of help with wrapping and holding the fabric in the end (thanks BIL) I did this job all by myself. I've spent a lot of hours sanding the wood down on these! All the old sticky varnish was sanded off and then colour and oil was applied after. The old fabric was also a bit of a hassle to get off. I think there were about 500 staples and nails to take out.
Everything was finished in time to surprice my P when he got home from a week in Poland last Thursday. He's really happy too.

(Norwegian readers; if you go see the movie "Knerten" pay attention to the carpenters sofa, it is upholstered in the exact same fabric these chairs used to have. That is: if you're able to take your eyes away from all the gorgeous knitwear going on in that movie)

Evidence 4: dining room chairs

...had some left over fabric too...

I bought wayyyy too much fabric for the reading chairs. Twice as much as I actually needed. So I put new covers on all six dining room chairs. I love how everything matches now...

Evidence 5: zebra leggings are in use
(and an excuse to post a very cute picture)


M is wearing these leggings almost daily now that colder weather has hit us. She loves them.
Ravelry link to leggings

Is gray my new blue???
I don't think so. This is blocking as I type.

Unblocked, but finished...

That's for next time...


Bonnie said...

Beautiful work on the vest and the upholstery! Isn't it a good thing you bought too much fabric? All of the chairs look stunning.

www.ellensand.no said...

Stolene ble veldig fine. En flott måte å ta vare på minner:)

Guro said...

Så UTROLIG flink du har vært!
Må si meg spesielt imponert over lenestolene, det trodde jeg omtrent ikke at man kunne gjøre selv.

Bezzie said...

I love the slouchiness of your pom pom hat (the one in the pattern picture is too stiff for me). If only I could make a pom pom to save my life!

You've been busy!!!

Love the sleepy picture!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with the resurrected chairs!

Anonymous said...

Så fin vest! Den må jeg laste ned fra Ravelry. Stolene ble jo kjempefine.
(moro å se at bart er på mote blant unge herrer for tiden, søt bror du har:)