September 09, 2009

Not knitting

For the past couple of weeks a tendonitis has tried to take me away from anything crafty. And by craft I mean knitting and crocheting. So I've found room to do a lot of other things instead.

Mushroom picking.

Plum pie

Job is done

And last, but not least

Rustic handspun two-colour yarn

A little bit of the wool Theresa gave me when we went mushroom hunting (successfully), has been transformed into lovely sock weight singles that will be transformed into a shawlette at one point. I'm thinking something along the lines of the lovely Multnomah.
I've never successfully spun singles before, but a couple of days ago I stumbled upon a tutorial for how to full singles. I just had to give it a go!(I can't for the life of me fint my way back to that blog, I'm sorry...)

I have been doing a teensy bit of knitting and crocheting over the past weeks too, just to see how much I can do before I have to "listen to the hands" and give them a rest. And I've been weaving in ends and doing some clearing up in the huge UFO-pile too.
Tomorrow I'll be back to the knitting again tough. I have a funeral to go to, and with that a 8 hour bus ride. I'm packing easy stuff and hope for the best. If what I take with me really does not suit my hands, my home town has a really nice yarn store... So I know I can keep myself occupied on the 8 hour bus ride back home too. Then, if time permits it I'll be going on a road trip with my father in law on Monday, and will most likely get some knitting done then too.

Right now though, I'll head outside to see how my brand new vest is doing, it's drying outside in the sunshine :)


Bonnie said...

I hope you are able to knit on the bus ride and that your tendonitis clears up soon. It seems like it is happening to a lot of knitters!

In addition to all the other things you do so well, you are also a terrific photographer. I especially love that one of the mushrooms.

Bezzie said...

Oo...what's that deliciousness you baked? Some kind of plum tart?

Batty said...

Is that a plum tart?