June 15, 2009


Pioneer is finished!

Pioneer - IT FITS :)

I love it:)
It fits and everything is good (everything but the curling neck line).

Even the blue, that was so overpowering at times when I was knitting it is now just plain gorgeous.

Pioneer, shoulder

The cables down the arms and back add so much to this sweater.


I got to wear this on Saturday, and got so many compliments on it. I am one happy camper! I've got some other big stuff coming this summer and I now have confidence that I can actually finish projects that require more than three balls of yarn. The big (big?4 mm needles?) help a lot though. I'm already planning more sweaters for me, and another Pioneer for me, in cotton, with the cables slightly different. We'll see when I get around to that.

Ravelry project page
And please remember that you can click on pictures to take you to Flickr to see a larger version. The cables are tiny...


Bonnie said...

Wow! Fantastic! Beautiful color, fit, and knitting.

mikomiao said...

it's truly lovely Guro!

Guro said...

Og fargen kledde du godt.

Bezzie said...

I love it!!! And you rock the blue color too!

marit said...

Knallstilig! Og virkelig flott med lange ermer!

Rima said...

Oh, this is beautiful!