June 07, 2009

THE dress

Abybay dress mosaic

Finally, I'm able to show you what I worked on for the major period of May. It's quite possible the cutest baby dress I've ever laid my hands on to this day. Maybe... I could be modest here, but I won't be! A lot of thinking (and thinking ahead) went into the making of this dress. Working from a pattern that was not for this day and age, and not for a knitter who likes to have her hand held by the pattern writer. Also, I started off by provisionally casting on 300 stitches, and I will not do that again any time soon. In addition I'll confess to one and all that I will not be working with Rowan Fine Milk Cotton any time soon. It splits, it has knots on knots and snargles and snafus aplenty. I was very disappointed. When this happens in non-wool yarn I find it especially frustrating, because splicing the ends together is out of the question.

All the brain churning, fear, pressure of time, gazillion stitches on small needles, ends to weave in and fiddly snaps to sew in were so absolutely worth it in the end! The result turned out 99% like I wanted it to. Cuteness galore, and it's not even pink! And today I got to see the happy face of the mom to be holding it, way over in the U.S., and I'm happy I did it all.

And I'll be doing it again (sans the Milk Cotton), and that time I'll be writing down a pattern and it will be without all the things I found frustrating when I knit this one. Just in case you wondered.

Coming up next is the now nearly finished very blue sweater. And in near future I'll be tackeling my very first man garment. My brother has asked me (again) to knit him a vest. And I will! Because I love him, esp. now for being alive and turning 26 in July, and for actually wanting a vest and for agreeing on a pattern with me and choosing his own colour yarn. Laredo, just came out and looks great.


Anne Tone said...

Ett ord: WOW !!!

Moan said...

Lovely! Just wish I had a small girl to make this for!

Bezzie said...

It was beautiful!!! We all drooled and fondled it quite a bit!

mikomiao said...

there was much oohing and aahing over the dress. it's gorgeous and so well made! well worth every second of pain!!!

mari said...

oh, how cute!