October 12, 2006


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I know there is this thing going on called Socktoberfest, all in the celebration of sock knitting. I have not joined (as a matter of fact I have never joined any KAL of any kind as of yet). Before last week I was very happy knitting on Otis and a shawl I have been working on for quite some time. There are also quite a few things I want to cast on for that are not socks. Now that I have this blog there might even be the chance that I manage to kick my own butt and write down a pattern for a thing or two brewing in my head.
However... What I came home from Austria with was sock yarn. Three gorgeous, great 150g(!) balls of Regia 6-ply, bought at the local Spar shop. The brown one was picked by Petters brother. I have wanted to knit him socks since summer, when he showed great intrest in some socks I was working on for his sister. (I have only knit one so far, and the second has to be cast on for soon!) The other two balls I have no plans for yet. All I know is I really like the yarn, and I love that it's for 3-4mm needles. I'm a little bit sick of the tiny gauge (2-2,5mm needle) socks. A girl can never have too much sock yarn, anyway! Right?
I have also promised to knit socks for a friend of mine, in Drops Eskimo or Highlander yarn. I've never knit socks at a gauge of 11 st/10cm. Intresting and quick I hope.
In the midst of all this I cast on for a pair of sideways knit socks on tuesday. More on that to come. All I can say about it is it's kind of weird and I find it sort of interesting in a weird way. And I'm working on it quite a bit, hence tha lack of progress on Otis and Shawl. I can't wait to see if they will actually fit.
I'm also hoping to make some progress on Otis and the shawl this weekend. I'm having quite a bit of knitting time on my hands just by myself. I'm really looking forward to it!

Anyone think I have knitters ADD? Why on earth would you think that?

(And boy was this a messy and incoherent post.)

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