October 08, 2006

A lovely holiday

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Austria was gorgeous! The holiday week went really fast. Lots of sightseeing , even more food and not so much knitting.

We arrived in lovely late summer weather and managed one hiking trip in shorts and t-shirts before fall hit in and called for knitwear of various sorts whenever outside. As you can see in the picture there is snow on the mountaintops.

The greatest experience on the trip was out visit to the worlds largest ice-cave, http://www.eisriesenwelt.at/ . Ice formations over 80 years old, over 500 stair steps and no fancy modern lighting just hand held, open flame gas lamps. Breathtaking in more than one way...

I've managed two rounds of ruffle edge on my shawl, so hopefully I'll have an FO pic to post soon. And there was some s.e.x. in Austria too; three 150 g balls of Regia 6-f├Ądig sock yarn.

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