October 23, 2006

First sock of fall

I must be really dense. I can not figure out how to put pictures from Photobucket into this blog. I've finished a pair of socks and have no idea how to show you. I've maxed my Flickr account limit this month so I had to use Photobucket. Bad idea!

You can however read about them here.

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costumechick said...

This is the one thing I can actually do on my blog. I'll pass it along!
creat a new post. click on add pictures icon. when the new window opens up, use the "post picture from a website" spaces (URL)
Open photobucket another window. COpy and Paste the URL tag from the photobucket picture to the empty space in the blogger photo window.
repeat for as many picturesa s you want.
click to upload.
that 's it!