August 02, 2009

Something blue

(Picture taken last summer in Bolnäs, home of Växbo Lin)

Made into this
Something blue
(Bridal garter by Lisa Hamblin, Ravelry link)

My childhood best friend gets married the coming Saturday. She asked me to make her a blue garter, and I was never one to refuse. How could I? Even though I really don't understand the point of a garter. It's our our joint understanding that this is mostly a gag gift and something that might turn into something fun in the very late hours of the party.

It turned out pretty though. And i did not spend much yarn or time on it. I hardly made a dent in my huge cone of laceweight linen. It was very inspiering to crochet with though. So I'm thinking of it as a swatch of sorts...

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Bezzie said...

Beautiful garter. I'm not sure where that tradition started either!