March 11, 2009

Trying to capture spring in yarn

Today is a nice and sunny day, a great change from the last couple of weeks of snow, fog, slush and gray. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I long for spring so much. Flowers and grass turning green. The sound of melting snow, the drip-drip-drip from the iceicles hanging from our roof. Not having to watch my every step leaving the house in the mornings, in fear of slipping and falling on the ice in our drive way. I planted a Helleborus last winter, and now I have this vision of a beautiful flower under all the snow in my garden. What if it's done blooming once all this snow is gone. Poor flower!

To keep my mind off all the dreary grayness outside I spun up my roving of Electric Iris Avenue by Dyedinthewool last weekend. It's very springy indeed. And I think my spinning skills have improved too.

Dyed in the wool - Electric Iris Avenue
Dyed in the wool - Electric Iris Avenue
Dyed in the wool - Electric Iris Avenue

This cheerful handspun has made me want to spin more, and I've started spinning up some roving in different shades of reds, browns and pink. A real energy boost! Great fun, and looking very promising so far.
I've also croceted a hat, and knit up and started to write down the pattern for a baby bonnet. Silence on the blog does not mean the needles aren't clicking and the wheel is not clacking...


Anonymous said...

I love your handspun - the colors, and the texture. It looks so inviting.

And, I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award! Please come see my blog for details.

Guro said...

Så nydelige farger. Litt forskjell i spinnenivå her, ser jeg. Moro er det lell. Spinner du på rokk eller håndtein?