November 22, 2008

Home stretch

Shetland triangle shawl #2 is nearly done.

Nearly done

I can definately see the end of what was a 170 gram skein of Evilla lace yarn.

I'm so looking forward to blocking this shaw. The stiff Evilla is really giving the work in progress that "egg carton lace" look on the wrong side.

"egg carton lace"

And the right side reminds me of waves on a stormy sea.

Waves of blue wool

Two more nights of knitting and I think this baby is done.


Elizabeth said...

OOOH. Pretty. I can't wait to see it blocked.

Anonymous said...

Even unblocked it looks so lovely. I love the colors and the gradations. And imagining being on a blue, blue sea. :)

Ugla said...

Dette ser lekkert ut.
Ha ei fortsatt fin helg :-)