November 02, 2007

I'm no Yarnstorm

But I can make a cake look nice too...

Also, I can assure you that the toes inside these socks have no nailpolish. In fact, I don't think they've ever had a pedicure.
Tiger socks

If you don't know Yarnstorm, you should go check her out here. Be sure to bring chocolate!

I knit the socks for my cousins partner. I gave them a pair of tiny tiger baby socks this summer, and since then Stefan has been totally in love with the thought of owning his own tiger socks. So when my cousin told me about his love for the tiger socks I really didn't think I had any choise but to knit him a pair. He'll get them on his birthday on Sunday. They are knit with Opal 6-ply yarn on size 3.25 needles on 52 stitches (instead of 44).

The cake... I did not make that! I did not even put it together. I did put the flowers and hearts on it. Looks good I think. It's for MIL and FIL's 75+70 year birthday party tomorrow. I have a new dress and all, and will be wearing my Tuscany shawl, even though it's not quite finished yet. I have a cunning (I hope) plan!

I'm going to London at the end of the month. I'll try to pick up Yarnstorms book then. And yarn!


Bezzie said...

Ohhhh...I so didn't need to see that cake--I'm hungry!

Cool socks! I've thought about making similar ones for my tiger-loving husband.

Have fun in London!

Batty said...

Yum, cake!
You're right, you can make look pretty darn amazing!

Strikkelise said...

Very cool socks. I think I have that same yarn. It was supposed to become a vest for my son, maybe I'll change my mind now!