November 16, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Subway mittens

Subway mittens

Subway mittens from the latest Interweave Knits. A very fast and easy pattern. I think I would have been able to knit the pair in one day had I not been distracted by other things.* The yarn is Cascade 220. That is actually the yarn the pattern called for. I've been dying to knit up my skein of 220 since Theresa gave it to me in February (Thankyou, sweetie!) . Since I'm in Norway, but knit mostly from english/american patterns I don't have the chance to knit with the yarn a pattern calls for very often. I've been very close to ordering some Cascade online many times, but there is something scary about ordering large amounts of a yarn I have never knit or even touched before. Now I know it's safe next time I get the urge. I really like it. I also think there is enough yarn left for a pair of mittens for Marie too.

Subway mittens

Coming soon to this blog; a tiny Tuscany and an icecream hat.


Bezzie said...

I love the name of your transport system! And yes, I understand your trepidation to order large amounts of never-touched yarn before. The mittens were a good test-knit idea!

Laura said...

What great mittens. I love the color and the big button!

Bonnie said...

What fun mittens! Very nice combination of color and button.