September 27, 2007

We need a bigger doll.

I'll even settle for just a dolls head, about the size of a 6-12 months old baby's head.

Doll Lisa is now to small to model the clothes and hats I knit for the babies around me. Beacuse, and this should not come as a shock to anyone, babies grow! Fast!

So I think this is Lisa's last model assignment for a while.

Red bonnet Red bonnet Red bonnet

Red bonnet Red bonnet Red bonnet
(As always, you can click the pictures to go to Flickr and take a closer look if you like)

I knit up this baby bonnet for my cousins baby a few weeks ago. It's knit in Rauma Babygarn. It goes with a jumpsuit my mom knit, and I've used the same stitch pattern as she used. The construction of the bonnet is very loosely based on the baby bonnet pattern I knit this summer, from Dale.

(If there is any interest, I can post rought guidelines to how you can knit your own.)


Bezzie said...

So cute!

reluctantMANGO said...

Oh, that is adorable! I'm getting ready to make a sweater for my baby with the red and white yarn you sent me... I'm thinking the Baby Norgi pattern from Knitty would be appropriate :)

Elizabeth said...


We had a baby doll I used on occasion to model baby stuff. It was too small, too. Eventually I gave it to the neighbor's two year old daughter.