September 24, 2007

Lovely socks, and my first meme

Sockpal socks

The lovely RoseRead knit these most excellent socks for me in the Knittyboard Sock Swap. And they are indeed a pair of knittyboard sock. The yarn is bluefaced leicter sock yarn, by dyer extraordinaire: Tigerlilith, and the pattern is by the very talented Momma Monkey! They fit like a dream and are very nice and cozy to wear while relaxing in front of the fire place, knitting.

Thank you so much RoseRead!

Also, I've been tagged by Ladonna, the nauti knitter.

So here it goes, 7 facts about me:
-I've never broken any bones or had any cavities
-Hubby Petter and I only moved in together when Marie was 5 months old. Before that, I shared a house with a friend from collegue and another tennant of hers. What can I say? My family and friends call Petter and me "a true love story".
-I don't eat "knirkemat", food that makes a squeeky sound when it's chewed. Bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, leek and spring onion fall into this category, along with a few other things. I always take the skin off potatoes before eating them.
-I've found out a lot of norwegians mistake me for being from Sweden, and even people from the same part of Norway as me have made hilarious guesses to where I'm from.
-When I was 21 I lost 10 kg, close to 1/5 of my body weight for no reason at all. I looked like a stick insect. Before the doctors could find out why, I'd gained it all again, and it was written off as "metabolism stuff".
-I sleep face down, I have done so since I was a baby. And I snore!
-I can feel one of my ovaries.
-When my friend took me to the delivery room September 17th 2002, after my water broke, we were both a bit bummed because we missed out on an episode of Ally McBeal.

It seems like everyone and their cat has been tagged already! If you're reading this and have not been tagged yet: -Tag, you're it!


tigerlilith said...

wow - what gorgeous socks!! would you mind if i took a copy of your photo? i'm trying to build up a flickr gallery of things people have knitted from my dyed yarns - it's fun to see how the colours knit up! i'm really glad you like the yarn :)

reluctantMANGO said...

Those socks are the BEST! I love the colors... and you look so toasty warm in front of the fire. I can't wait for fall to arrive here!