July 11, 2007


The inspiration

Lavender flower

The finished objects

CIMG3254 Vine lace baby hat Vine lace baby hat Vine lace baby hat Vine lace baby hatCardigan and hat Buttons Hat and cardi Vine lace baby hat
(as usual the pictures are clickable and take you to Flickr)

Another February sweater from Knitters Almanac and a Vine Lace Baby Hat from Interweave Knits / Knitting daily.

I love this cardigan. I like it much better than the first one I made. The yarn is yummier and since I knew the pattern better this time I was able to make it completely seamless! Yay for seamlessness!
The yarn I used was Jaeger Aqua. A very good cotton yarn. I generally don't like knitting with cotton. But the shine and feel of this yarn has me if not converted, then at least willing to try more nice cotton yarns in the future.
The baby hat is very sweet too. I have no idea how it will fit a baby or stay on. But it was a very enjoyable knit once I got a hang of the lace stitch pattern. And it's quick too. I see more of these in the future. Maybe paired with those saccarine sweet Saartjes booties (pdf)? For a really quick and lovely newborn baby gift! Yes, I think so!

And the buttons on that cardigan. Did you see them? I think I have a weak spot for that kind of buttons. They are the same kind I used on the stripey cardigan I made not long ago. And I'm planning to buy some bright orange ones to put on a Wisp I'm knitting for my mom.

So, two posts in one week... I have a strong feeling there will be three! My summer holiday starts Friday. I have nearly 4 weeks off! It's going to be great, but I don't know how much online access I'll have while I'm gone, nor how much I'll have to blog about. I just feel like I have to be "all blogged out" before I go!


Bezzie said...

Yes, I do love those buttons. That's a beautiful little baby set you knit up there. Lucky kid!

Bonnie said...

Oh, such beautiful baby knitting! The hat and cardigan go together perfectly. Lovely color, too.

I'm knitting Wisp, too. Can't wait to see yours!