July 13, 2007

Here, have an apple! And a bunny!

I'm leaving in 23 hours. Nearly 4 weeks of holiday to look forward to.

So, please have an apple while you wait for me to get back.


Maybe you would like to pet our new bunny too?

bunny bunny bunny

Marie has made both of those. The apple was made from leftovers from my spinning stuff. Like this:
felt ball making felt ball making
Then put into a nylon knee stocking, knot tied and one round in the washing machine along with our jeans.

I've packed all the knitting I feel I need to take with me when I leave home for so long.
Suemoons sock swap socks. One sock nearly done:)
Yarn, pattern and needles for Stariels sock swap socks
Wisp in progress
Yarn, needles and closure for a Cloud Bolero
Grean Tea raglan, for easy knitting in the car!
Breeze socks to finish quickly! I basically want to wear them NOW!
Twinkle toes, need to make one more
Four balls of Rowan Denim to make another pair of Denim drawstring pants

And the final project, mom has bought yarn and pattern so we can knit a together for my cousins baby, due mid August.

So I'll knit and relax a lot. And please don't say anything along the lines of "travel lightly"...

So for now, you go right back to enjoying that apple...
apple Felt apple apple felt apple


reluctantMANGO said...

Have fun on your vacation! Sounds like you're well equipped to get some serious knitting done :)

Bezzie said...

That's pretty cool! Wool sculpting.

Have a good vacation!

Batty said...

Have a great vacation!

I wish I'd thought of wool sculptures first! Now I'm going to try...

Jeanne said...

I might have to try that felted ball trick ....

Enjoy your holiday!

Dolci said...

Ha en riktig god tur, b├ąde eplet og kaninen var kjempeflotte :-)
Have a nice vacation! Both the apple and the bunny was just lovley :-)