June 12, 2008

Murphy's law

A mild case of Murphy's law has hit me. I went yarn shopping on Tuesday, a gift for myself for finishing the nearly endless bunad stockings. A gorgeous skein of tussah silk in a very nice denim blue has found it's way to the top of our piano. That's where I keep all my new pet yarns. I know what this beauty is going to be too. Amy's Montego Bay Scarf!(Ravelry link) I've been wanting to knit this since last summer and have just been waiting for the right yarn for it. Well now I have the right yarn. Only thing is the friggin pattern is nowhere to be found! I really want to start this "perfect for me" scarf now.

So instead I'm knitting dishcloths.

Oh yes, and the stockings ended up looking like this

Bunad stockings

I'm very happy! (blogged at "that other blog")
Hoping to pay more attention to both the blogs and the knitting soon. At least now it's a while before we have guests staying in the same room as the computer for weeks.


Bezzie said...

Those stockings are a work of art!

amy [Knitty] said...

guro, write me!
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gmail, etc]


Bonnie said...

Those are truly amazing, totally amazing, completely amazing socks!!

Theresa said...


Batty said...

Gorgeous stockings!