March 05, 2008

Very short update

I'm back to the black stuff... I managed a full pattern repeat on my dads Koolhaas hat yesterday. And the first bunad stocking is all the way past row 80 (out of about 115 for the leg). All the decreases down the back of the leg are done and the chart is becoming a bit easier to do since the pattern now repeats itself over two rows.

The biggest update this time is a really good one, at least for me. I got a new job! I start right after easter. I'm really exited about it. New people, and lots of new things learn and love. In the beginning tough, I expect all the new and exciting stuff might take some time away from my knitting- and knitting related internet time. Just so you're warned.

And since I don't like to leave a post completely pictureless I leave you with a link to a picture Amy the Great (is new Knitty here soon?) took last fall, visiting Oslo. You may think what you like about why I picked that one. I'm not the one to go mixing work and blogging;)


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Congratulations on the new job!

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