March 14, 2010


From this


Through this

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing tread?"

And into this

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

Tough one of the most boring projects I've ever knit, I'm absolutely in love with the finished object. I've worn it several times already, even though it's still wool weather. The linen keeps me warm enough, while it still feels cool to the skin.
The white edgeing is a variation on the garter belt I knit last summer. The only difference is adding beads instead of "nupps" to the point of the triangles. It was fiddly and took some time, and I admit I spilled beads all over the sofa a couple of times. But the beads add so much to this stole and I'm very glad I added them.

Needless to say, I think this is a winner and something I'll cherish for years to come.

I love it THIS MUCH!

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

(Ravelry link)

March 07, 2010

There is no excuse

for the silence on this blog.

for blogging purposes

I do still knit, I do still take photos of my knitting and more. It just seems these days I'm not able to find enough words to compose a whole, read worthy blog post.

I tell myself every day to get better at it. I do miss the blogging. But I guess these things have their ups and downs.

If you miss me terribly (though I guess not many do) and don't already follow me on flickr, please know that I am there more than I am here. I upload at least one picture a week, as part of the 52/2010 Knitterly and Crafty types sp pool.

February 07, 2010

New hats for the whole family

Sunflower tam
Mine, Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature
(Ravelry link)

New beanie for P
His, simple ribbed beanie in black sock yarn, no pattern
(Ravelry link)

Guess who made a hat
M's. Crochet wool hat, no pattern
Soooooo, proud of this. She made it herself :)
(Ravelry link)

Not spending enough time in here these days. Soon; sweaters!

December 31, 2009

Obligatory post: the finished objects of 2009

2009 - The knits
2009 - The crochet

All in all a good year I think. Starting to get a hang of the larger projects, and crocet.

Now we'll see what 2010 brings... I know I have a buttload of works in progress to finish. And they're all pretty nice. And of course there are plans. Plenty of them! Like cardigans and the colour red and more lace and crochet.
I also just knit one pair of socks in 2009, yet "Knitting vintage socks" lives on my bedside table, and I have plenty of sock yarn.

Happy bright and shiny new 2010 to all!

December 16, 2009

In the mail

Today was the "deadline" to get holiday presents in the mail in Norway. I am lucky enough to be able to hand deliver most of my presents this year, but I still managed to send a few things off.

Snug x 2
(Ravelry link)

Two Snugs. Going to two different parts of the country, for two little girls born this fall and bearing the same name.
I really liked knitting these hoodies, and I think they look super cute. I do wonder what they'll look like with a baby inside though. I hope one of the moms will send me a picture.

Ishbel for auntie
(Ravelry link)

And an Ishbel. For my favourite aunt. She turned sixty in January and this is her very late birthday present. I love how it turned out and I just know she will too! I've gotten some responses on Flickr that I should keep this for myself. But I have plenty of Rowan yarn in an even prettier blue for me, for a sweater, and plenty of other nice blue yarns for more shawls for me too. This is definately an auntie shawl.

I'm quickly working on my final knitted holiday gift for my brother. Then I'm all done with gift knitting for a while and will spend the holidays and beginning of 2010 knitting for ME! ME! ME! (or at least I hope so).

December 02, 2009

Will I have to fight her for my stash?

Mastering a new skill

M mastered a new skill last night. She even found the hook in the right place by herself. She's paid attention to where I keep my good stuff.

Mastering a new skill

The yarn... I can no longer remember the name of, but she picked it out by herself the last time I went yarn shopping. At least for the time being we have very different taste in yarn. If her fondness for funfur and multi-coloured, syntetic tape yarn ever passes I guess she'll sneak into my stash yarn. Maybe it's time to hide the Baby Cashmerino and Sea Silk?

What it's going to be, you wonder? Christmas tree garland... A very, very long one!

November 14, 2009

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing thread?"

...said M a few days ago.

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing tread?"

This work in progress has great drape and feel. And I love the colour. But it's knitting up ever so slowly. I love working on it though.
It's nothing but plain old garter stitch now. 150 stitches a row on 3mm needles. But there is a plan for some spruceing up with a crisp white crochet border and some lovely blue seed beads. I have never tried adding beads to crochet. I hope I can make it work. And if I can make it work without pre-stringing the beads I'll be very, very happy. There's still a fair bit of knitting to do first though.

Most of my time these days are spent with a paint brush in hand. I hope I'm all done before mom and dad come to visit next weekend. Before that, I hope to finish the border on a shawl for mom too. If I do, mom will bring me back my purple Shetland triangle shawl. She kidnapped it last time she was here, telling me I would get it back when I finished the shawl for her. So far, it looks like it worked...

And because it's Saturday, and really dark and wet outside, I baked.

Aniseed buns

Aniseed buns. I've had a craving for these for about a week now. They're cooling down at the moment, I've only had one to taste, but we'll dig into them for real as soon as P and M comes back from a few hours of swimming. Yum!

November 05, 2009

Mid day snack

I don't care if it's snowing outside. The fire place is lit and I have time to sit down and enjoy a mid day snack.

Mid-day snack

Home made banana bread and dried apple rings. Accompanied by my favourite tea, sweet coconut thai chai.

November 02, 2009

Another one

Another hat craving, another hat, another pompom.

M's white pompom hat

M's white pompom hat

Using up stash yarn in a fast way.

White is maybe not the best colour for a young girl who tends to get moss, leaves and mud on everything she wears. We'll see how it looks a month from now... I'll also take care not to mention that I personally think the yarn, Alfa, is a bit on the scratchy side.

Worked this up as I went along, using the cable chart from the Yellow Harvest mittens in last winters Vogue knitting. M helped out with the pompom. If she had her way she would probably pompom everything.

October 29, 2009

Whose idea was this anyway?

I only have myself to blame...

Whose idea was this anyway?

Yesterday afternoon I found a half empty can of paint in the garage and had the idea to spruce up the closet doors in the hallway. Things kind of escalated (another half empty huge bucket of paint was found) and I've been prepping and painting for 10 hours straight today... In a couple of hours (a third coat is needed) our hallway is going to be gorgeous, white and bright. No more dark and dingy wood paneling.

In addition, a carpenter is working wonders outside on our porch. More white paint lies in my future, but it's going to be sooo awsome in the end.